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In the Financial Freedom Accelerator, I help women optimize their earning, spending, saving, and investing so they can achieve financial freedom without feeling overwhelmed or sacrificing the enjoyment of life.

What you'll achieve

  • A spending plan and systems to match so you know where your money is going and can plan for the future while enjoying the present
  • Knowledge of how investing works to secure your financial future and build generational wealth the smart way
  • The financial freedom and security to pass wealth to the next generation while giving back to the generation that raised you
  • A system to leverage your strengths to maximize your worth and earn a lot more money to fuel your financial freedom dreams
  • A financial plan and systems in place that will allow more time doing the things you enjoy and taking care of the people you love
  • Peace of mind that comes with having a financial safety net in place and the confidence that you'll never have to go back to a life of financial uncertainty again

The Financial Freedom Path™ completely changed my finances and my life, for good!

Hi there - I’m Dr. Paris Woods!

I'm a bestselling author, Harvard graduate, and financial freedom coach for Black women and women of color.

Despite a top tier education and years of hard work, up until my 30s I was living in a tiny studio apartment, spending a lot of my income paying off loans, and feeling pretty broke at the end of each month.

My career seemed to be on a great path, but something just wasn't right financially.

That's when I realized I would have to get intentional about my money.

I set out on a journey to make a lot more money, manage it better, and start investing.

In just a few years, I eliminated $70,000 in debt, doubled my salary to earn more than $150,000, and devoted time and effort to learning how to invest my money in a smart, long-term, and diversified way.

When the pandemic hit and my whole team was laid off, I found myself in such a strong financial position that I didn't need to desperately jump into the next job that came my way.

Instead, I took advantage of my newfound freedom to travel, hang out with friends from around the country, and try out my dream digital nomad life.

After enjoying several months off, I had the opportunity to accept a role I was thrilled about at a mission-driven organization in a city I loved.

Ultimately, the decision to change my view on how to earn, spend, save, and invest my money meant I didn't have to make any drastic decisions or be forced into taking the next job that came my way when I was laid off.

And the best part is - my own journey to financial freedom inspired me to help other women achieve results like this every single day.

I'm on a mission to help more women of color build wealth and achieve financial freedom the smart way, so they can live a life they love.

What members are saying...

I have enjoyed having Paris as a financial/personal coach. This Financial Freedom program has exceeded my expectations. I expected to learn how to create a budget and eliminate debt, but I did not expect to experience personal growth, such as discovering my worth. Paris' calming demeanor and probing questions allowed me to learn things about myself that I had not considered in the past. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience financial freedom and personal discovery. You will get your money's worth.

Tammy Barney

"I have learned so much during my time working with Paris in the financial freedom accelerator! As a coach, Paris has helped me reflect, vision, and action plan in a way that has moved me closer to my goals during each session. I love that when any of us present a problem/challenge Paris provides candid feedback and shares her personal and professional experiences and resources for guidance. Paris ends each session with a call to action that reminds me not to get stuck in the process of reflection but to always move forward and take the next step. I would recommend Paris’ coaching services to anyone who is ready to accelerate their progress toward financial goals.

Maija Ross
Product Management

"The Financial Freedom Accelerator course is so much more than a money management course, but truly helped me to define and design the life of my dreams. I now have the proper guidance and tools in place to manifest the FIRE future I’ve been working towards. I highly recommend Dr. Woods’ book and course to anyone willing to invest the time and effort to plan and manifest a dream life of financial freedom. "

Nanayaa Kumi
International Affairs

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